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Mia Marcus, Producer. Partner Vegas

Mia’s background in the television and film industry includes positions in virtually every aspect of the production process, including producer, production coordinator in crew, and casting.


She has coordinated crew for reality shows produced by MTV, Mark Burnett Productions, Indie Filmmakers & Producers in Hollywood, and currently in development on “Big Trouble in Paradise”


Mia wrote and produced “Honeymoon in Paradise” a short, screened in Cannes during “The 2007 Cannes Film Festival”. She is a member of Screen Actor’s Guild, Women in Film – Los Angeles, NAPTE and is an IFFS Certified Film Festival Director.


Mia has worked at the Hollywood Film Festival and the LA Shorts in Los Angeles. Attends The Lucy & Crystal Awards,The Cannes Film Festival, American Film Market, Int’l Film Festival Summit, & NAPTE. She is a Partner/CEO for The International Vegas Cine Fest Awards of Las Vegas. Partner/CEO for Put on Productions. Partner/CEO of Lotus Media Entertainment & VP of HD1Cam.

Sofi Rochefort, Actor / Editor. Board Member Vegas
Sofi nationality is American and ethnicity is mixed European Jewish, French, English, Filipino

Her Father is a DP/Director and Mother is a Actress/Film Festival Director. Father is from Paris, France. Mother is from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Sofi grew up, traveling and living between Hawaii, Paris France, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She attended schools in Honolulu, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and has also been home schooled and spends summers and holidays in Paris, France.

She self taught at 5 yrs old how to edit short videos by using an app. ( for kids ). She studied Movie Making at 10 yrs old (Summer School Program ) and knows how to edit using Final Cut Pro.

Sofi is a creative content producer on youtube. She has several alias and creates content for her channel and for friends using animated characters from Roblox and of her favorite youtubers. She has a good following with over a 1 Million views and growing. she has over 1.2M views and rapidly growing in a very short period of time. Her subscribers and Fan base are aged 8-18 years old. She continues to update new content. She is a "Influencer" with over 1.2 million views. She loves Tech and is a capable Content Producer. She remains anonymous.

In her spare time, helps her father on video productions on sets as a script supervisor, PA, editing, stand in, graphic design, and sometimes acting.

Was considered to be Chrissy Teigen "mini me" for The FabLife Show. ( 10 yrs old )

First Music Video "The Arena" with Lindsey Stirling & Derek Hough. She played a daughter, the only featured child in the Music Video. (11 yrs old ), which has over 53 million views and growing.

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