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A pair of young filmmakers are on their way to the Film Festival in Cannes in the south of France when chaos erupts once they realize their film bag was accidentally switched with two sleazy New York mobsters smuggling a mysterious ancient emerald tablet! 


A comedy of errors and dangerous mistakes. 

Stylized as a playful parody of the classic crime-thrillers with a new modern twist! 

A comedic action-adventure through modern day France. 



Tim and Julien, two young American filmmakers from New York, prepare to show their short film project to the Cannes Film Festival in the south of France. 

At New-York JFK airport, they grab a drink at a bar before boarding with their carry on that holds a copy of their film on a hard-drive. Coincidentally two New-York lower level Mobsters, Gus and Grease sit next to them with the exact same carryon bag. 

Tim and Julien’s uncle and aunt live in Cannes on “Rue d’Antibes. Upon arriving in Cannes, the two filmmakers are stunned to find their hard drive is gone and has been replaced with a strange emerald tablet covered in ancient cuneiform engravings! Tim, Julien and his family are all baffled by this strange object, realizing its value they come up with a plan to keep it locked away and safe. 

At the same time, Gus and Grease arrive in Paris and meet up with the French Mob in an obscure Parisian butcher shop. The Mobsters place their bag on a table as their French Boss hands over a briefcase full of cash. The French Boss opens their carry on bag to find a hard-drive and instantly stick's his goons on them. After a big fight Gus and Grease are given twenty-four hours to find the tablet or they will be killed. 

That night, in an old Parisian hotel, the N.Y. Mobsters check the luggage half ripped name tag and see "Antibes" so they board a train to catch the guys that they suspect pulled a switch on them! 

After arriving in the small beach town of Antibes, Gus and Grease search all over town, until they find a house with the name plaque on it that reads “Villa d’Antibes” so they sneak in… There they see a hot blonde and her girl friends so they end up following the girls. The hot blonde is carrying a similar bag to the one they are looking for. The blonde and her girl friends gets in a limo, as Gus and Grease chase her on a stolen red Vespa motor scooter thru the streets of Cannes ending up at a private Private Transvestite Party Club. Gus decides to follow the girls and sneak’s in through a back door leading him to the costume room where he changes in to a girls evening show gown to blend in..! 

The chase continues all the way to the Cannes Festival Yacht Party, Gus still being dressed in the show girl’s outfit!… 

Tim, Julien and his family are mingling with the Hollywood elite at the party. The Gus and Grease crash the party. They see the blonde hand over the bag to Tim and Julien. Gus and Grease confront Tim and Julien and Gus still in his show girl’s outfit get’s thrown overboard! 

The following day, with little time left to deliver the tablet to the french Mob Boss, Gus and Grease tail the 2 young filmmakers to the Festival. Getting desperate for time Gus and Grease decide to kidnap Julien's young teenage niece Alize while everyone is distracted. Alize isn't afraid and daringly leads them on a wild goose chase around Cannes, until the French mobsters shows up and takes them all hostage! 

After discovering that the tablet is mysteriously missing, the family and all the mobsters have a huge gun fight at the nightclub! The French Police finally show up as Gus and Grease escape. The French mobsters are injured and arrested. Later that night the family goes home to find another surprise waiting for them in their living room. The french Mob Boss head of the french mafia, who asks for his tablet nicely with a warm smile and a loaded gun. Another fight breaks out, destroying their living room with bullets. french Mob Boss tosses a live grenade which the family returns back and BOOM! french Mob Boss gets blown out the window just as the Police arrive, late as usual. 

By the morning of Cannes Film Festival, Tim and Julien are exhausted, they still haven't recovered their hard drive. The tablet is still missing and Gus and Grease desperately escape the country after robbing the French Boss at gunpoint. 

Back at the JFK airport, Tim and Julien bond over their crazy adventures in France as they head back home. Gus and Grease retire on a remote island. As they bicker over the price they paid for their little beach-front shack, a private jet flies overhead them.

Inside the jet we meet a mysterious CIA agent, who reveals the stolen emerald tablet hidden in his briefcase. The agent smiles as a series of flashbacks reveal he was the one who switched the bags at the airport and has been sabotaging the mobsters and the family from the shadows the entire time. 


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C’EST LA VIE. The comedic irony of life and all its chaos. 

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