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 Las Vegas Dermatology Clinic, 

perform their high tech and beautyfiying surgery on patients.

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for all your Gadget Needs

For all your gadget needs
Philip Marcus & Mike Tyson on the set of "Undisputed Truth" for "HBO"
Director Philip Marcus & Mike Tyson on the set of "Undisputed Truth" for "HBO"
Philip Marcus & Holly Madison for RunwayTV / VH1


Your success in Film Production is a direct result of your active participation. In the Film Industry there is an constant need for professionally trained production personnel. With this manual, we have done our best to prepare the ground work and offer you the skills and tools necessary for a career in the film industry. It will be expected from your peers as early as your first production assignment.

If there is one thing to learn from this invaluable information, it is that getting involved will pay off tremendously in the long run. You could study for hours on end for tests and compose the most polished papers, but what really earns you a job is immersing yourselves in organizations revolving around the field and in turn building the concrete skills crucial to the succeeding in this business.


As a film professional, getting heavily involved in any production immediately following the studying of the info in the manual can garner subsequent internships and undoubtedly secure a job in the field by the time youʼre ready. We encourage you to take full advantage of the wealth of resources at your fingertips in this manual.

The scary thing is that many people sit back on the fact they are simply acquiring new skills. In reality, that only gets a studentʼs foot in the door. Employers in this field as I have discovered after many interviews, wonʼt ask you about your grades. They want to know what sets you apart from the status quo, what kind of relevant skills you have accumulated over the learning period and/or what makes you so qualified over the next person.

One final word... We constantly receive encouraging letters from past readers expressing their appreciation and gratitude after their first assignment. We hope to hear from you too and that youʼll keep in touch. To better serve you, and to improve our manual even more, we always encourage your comments and criticism. From all of us, best of luck with your new career. Our reputation in the film industry is unparalleled.


Philip Marcus
Author, Producer, Director.

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